Mozilla Firefox 19.0.1 Final / Waterfox 18.0.1 x64

1 Mar

Software Description Mozilla Firefox 19.0.1 Final + Farsi / Waterfox 18.0.1 x64
Download the best, most accurate and most powerful Web browser.
Are you familiar with the Firefox browser. Site developed soft pass to the browser, you recommended and is always trying to download the latest version, it provides for its audience. Update This new version is most suitable due to its low volume applications File Size Update Better to download it to the next version of Windows and reinstall Windows from the installation to use it.
The reasons for the browser Mozilla Firefox:
1 – immediate search page
2 – Ability to quickly search the different sites through search bar
3 – Ability to use a variety of powerful extensions
4 – protects you against malicious sites
5 – Better control Browser Plugins
6 – Ability to communicate with your system’s antivirus
7 – Identify Fake Sites
8 – Ability to add spell checking Farsi
9 – Having a download management application built with the ability to continue downloading the file
10 – Having different versions of the operating systems Windows, Linux, Mac

Download | Firefox 19.0.1 | 19.7 MB

Download | Waterfox 18.0.1 x64 | 29.7 MB

2 Responses to “Mozilla Firefox 19.0.1 Final / Waterfox 18.0.1 x64”

  1. Anonymous March 5, 2013 at 8:57 am #

    program kaya gini aja dipassworld…. apa euy passworldnya bos???? repot amat siih?????

  2. krisna angga March 13, 2013 at 1:20 am #

    Ga ada password mas,

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