Red Giant Collection – All Plug-ins for After Effects and Primiere

9 Feb

Red Giant plug-ins for making the company one of the most famous products of the company Adobe, Adobe After Effect is a particular product. Red Giant Collection is a collection of all products containing four sets of plugins Magic Bullet Suite, Trapcode Suite, Keying Suite and Effects Suite is.

Magic Bullet Suite is one of the most professional effect plug Aftr Using it you can do things Aftrafkt extraordinary degree of which can vary in color, black and white image, removing noise, create a professional environment for raising and lowering systems, color image, eliminating image defects, adding makeup and … Noted. The products of the company Red Giant plug-in on a software for Aftr Effects and Premiere Pro, and Photoshop is installed.

Trapcode Suite sets the standard plug with high quality design and graphics, the animation is 3-dimensional. Tools of the package software for making beautiful and realistic effects with the ability to create 3D content for the text, animated backgrounds, design logo and design are used in VFX. Trapcode Suite is a collection of 3-D elements like a powerful particle system, nice lights and organic forms to give the effect of them in the 3-D Premiere Aftr use.

Keying Suite is another software package of the plugin which contains plugin RedGiant Collection Key Correct, Primatte Keyer, and Warp for applications is Aftr Effects and Premiere Pro.

Effects Suite is a set of plugins that you can use your creativity and you have complete freedom to look and appearance of your work, professional gives. This plug-in a lot of movies, famous for creating special effects of which can be used include Titanic and Star Wars. The plug-in can be set to Composite Wizard, Holomatrix, Image Lounge, Knoll Light Factory, Knoll Light Factory PS, PlaneSpace and many other noted. The plug on this product Aftr Effects and Premiere Pro, and Adobe Photoshop software is installed.

Download : – 560 MB

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