Windows 8 Entersprise 64-bit & 32-bit Final!

8 Feb

The final version of Windows 8 is going to be released officially on October 5, just one day after its submission to the leaked Microsoft partners. Microsoft has always been ahead of public release of the final version of its operating system, some manufacturers will always provide few days after the release saw the release of illegal are. Now the final version of Windows 8 has leaked. 
If you’re going two and a half months before the release of the final version of Windows 8 todownload and install on your computer, you can now download it from the Zune get. 
Windows 8 with all previous versions of Windows that have been released over the past 25 years, is different. The next version of Windows will work with different types of computers and devices equipped with a touch screen is compatible. Continuing with the Mac operating system, the more familiar you become the new Nat. 

Windows 8 new features: 
– The new user interface (Metro) for touchscreen 
– Remove the ignition key 
– Browser Internet Explorer 10 
– User login using image 
– Fast boot hybrid 
– Task Manager (Task Manager) new 
– Windows Startup Using Flash Memory 
– Support for multiple monitors 
– Supports USB3 
– Support the ARM architecture, the Intel and AMD 
– New start page 
– Ability to restore the operating system to factory settings (initial) 
– A new file system REfs 
– Support for Near Field Communication (NFC) 
– Secure Boot 
– Support for RAID 1 and RAID 5 Technology 
– Added Windows Explorer, such as Microsoft Office 2010 Ribbon Bar 
– Ability to open files in ISO, IMG or VHD 
– Windows Defender in Windows software capabilities virus , which is similar to Microsoft Security Asnshalz software works and is expected to replace the software 
– Added safety features a family (Family safety), which gives parents the ability to monitor the Internet activities of their children and their children to protect their computers and take control of 
– Several new Vzyfgy 

Removal feature in Windows 8: 
– Command bar (command bar) replacement ribbon ribbon (Ribbon UI) is. 
– Windows Media Center on all versions, but it was removed as an extension (add-on) is available 
– Windows Media Player does not support DVD playback, Windows Media Center if the player still has to be purchased separately 
– Start button (Start button) removed, though still a tender spot on the lower left of the screen is available 
– Show Desktop button on the taskbar is not visible, but can be activated by clicking on the lower right corner of the page 
– Karbryayrv Windows interface (Aero) in Windows Vista and Windows 7 have been deleted in Windows 8 
– Technical information about the error that caused the blue screen of death that showed off the OS is easier 

Download :
Torrent : torrent client 
               64- bit
               32- bit

32-bit – 2,3 GB
 Download Part 1
 Download Part 2 
 Download Part 3
 Download Part 4
 Download Part 5

64-bit – 3,1 GB 
 Download Part 1
 Download Part 2
 Download Part 3
 Download Part 4
 Download Part 5
 Download Part 6
 Download Part 7


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